Thursday, June 14, 2018

FBSMC10, The Art of the Student, Video 1 link and companion notes

Welcome to Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection 10! It has been a whole decade since these videos started. The tenth anniversary is dedicated to finding the art or arts of the students.
There is so much that can opened up with this interesting topic. Is there an art of the student? If so what are we a student of? See what happens to your thinking process after contemplating this first video. Ask yourself, whether you are a student or a professional or both: "What arts are forming in you?" Now watch video 1 (if you have not already done so), before going on to the next part of the blog post

Video 1

Now after seeing the video lets look at Applying Regular Training. This is vital for a student or anybody at any given time isn't it? If one is applying regular training, one starts to build a relationship with the subject, in this case our relationship with the horn and with music. When learning and continuing to improve our skills on the instrument, (first overlay work), we will come across different methods and exercises either on our own, or listening to someone else further developed than we are, our own teachers and more. Here are somethings you have probably come across:
1. start simple (The law of start with what you can do and gradual extend you abilities).
2. regular practice sessions (time of sessions changes according to desire, stamina (physical, mental or emotional).
3. determination
4. patience
5. monitor and appreciate small improvements
6. know when to take a rest!

Much more will follow in other videos and blog posts. Remember the anagram of interest?

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