Saturday, July 11, 2015


Yes it is that time again for the Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection. I almost can't believe this will be FBSMC7! This FBSMC7 is a series of thoughts, contemplations, advice and exercises. Sure, it has the same foundational core as the other FBSMC videos and blog posts have but each time there is something different, another angle, sentiment, exercise or revelation that happens. And that is the point! When something is alive it is going to move, grow and develop. Isn't that wonderful?! The essence of all of this work is to transfer some of the ways, means, feelings, awe, insights and love of being deeply connected to music and life as a real living thing that is a never ending source of wonder, magnificence, beauty and truth.
This year is really a stream of contemplations and insights for the performer and teacher alike. There will be videos from the Frequency Bone Composition Connection series as well as ones featuring Dr. Carol Viera with me asking her questions promoting her precious gems of wisdom.

I hope all who watch these videos can take some time to work with the various subjects and thought processes that these videos have to offer as an aid and assistance for your own musical and life growth into the living Art. The videos will be up very soon!

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