Tuesday, July 9, 2013

FBSMC5, Session 2, "Making a Start"

Session 2 of FBSMC5, "Making a Start," gets into the those very first moments of playing! I tell my own story about my first few notes and lessons to inspire all of you to time travel back and remember that moment or time of your playing life. Everyone has their own story to tell and the human story is such a powerful and personal way to connect to ones life or the life of others. Ask yourself, "how much is that initial spark still in me?" Perhaps it has grown into a marvelous bright star that radiates in many directions or a lamp that warms the soul. Both?  Maybe it needs to be rekindled. Here is Session 2: "Making a Start"

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Anonymous said...

I started late into the 5th grade year because my family
had moved to a Minneapois suburb. Bill Stamm was the band director and a wonderful guy and a smart teacher. An Eastman grad. He stayed after school with me, giving me private and free lessons to help me catch up. A really sweet guy. When some online service asks me, as a security question, "your favorite teacher", I find myself always typing in Bill Stamm.