Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The FBSMC 5! Starts June 28, 2013

Yes it is true! Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection 5 will start Friday June 28th. This year's videos and postings will be centered around the title, "Playing Through the Years." Since we all go through many years of playing, whether we become professionals or not, there are different changes on all levels, physical, mental and emotional and at the core of ourselves. How to handle these changes and to enjoy and be with that time of our lives will be addressed and gone into.

I will discuss the younger years of playing, from beginning through high school. Then college and after college. This will lead into all the years up to older age. There should be something in this FBSMC 5 series for all to enjoy, learn, get knew insights and to encourage our continued relationship with our love of music as it relates to our lives, those around us and our environment.

The first video will be titled, "In the Beginning.."

See you on Friday!

P.S. Take your love of music everywhere. Don't leave home without it! (Good advice for everyone, including the professional freelancer, professor and ensemble player).

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