Sunday, November 4, 2012

Recalling My Times with John Swallow, Part 5

In this video, I get more into my ideas about teaching inspired by recalling my times with John. And also more of what I remember of John's thoughts on warming-up, embouchure and professional etiquette. I am also realizing more and more that I did not have tons of lessons with John. But it proves to me once again, that if you make the most out of what you are given, it will keep yielding fruit for years to come.

As I think about it now, it highlights a lot of what has been noticed over the past few years concerning  students growing dependency on so many external things. Be it tuners, metronomes, video aids, recording every lesson they take, easy access to information through the internet and taking lessons from so many people so often, to name a few. I am not sure all this is being utilized in a way that is aways helpful to the person's development. Sometimes less can be more because you have to really dig into the small amount to extract the gems and wisdom from your persistent effort and discovery. Plus, not so much is taken for granted and your value for what you are given is greater.

Part 5

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