Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It is interesting to see how soon someone gets satisfied with their playing. Some people are never satisfied totally. Some get satisfied with their standard quickly. I find this is directly related to the power of the desire to improve and the willingness to work for it.

Here are some good questions to ask oneself:

*How much are you willing to search, try, experiment with locating and tuning into the expression and meaning of the music? If you feel that it gives up, what is giving up?

*Is it easier for you to hear technical flaws in pitch, rhythm, tone or clarity?

*Do you feel a sense of satisfaction at the end of a practice session regularly?

*Where and when do you feel the most satisfied? How and what made you feel satisfied?

*What artists or concerts make you feel satisfied?

* Is it important to feel satisfied all the time?

* What do you do when you are not satisfied in a practice session?
1. How do you handle it?
2.Can you spot why you are not satisfied?

How do these questions make you feel?

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