Saturday, October 8, 2011


It is so refreshing when a student comes in having been in their own process of discovery. I can always tell when people are actually taking a serious look into their playing. Some people express it with telling me what they came across with the exercises I have them do. This is a vital part of the relationship between teacher and student. The student eventually needs to come to the realization that they need to know themselves.

A person going through some changes in their playing is put into a situation to have to think about what they are doing. There is nothing wrong with this! A teacher really can only do as much as the student allows them to do with what they offer the teacher as a next step. If a student really wants to accomplish higher levels of playing, it is NATURAL to come across obstacles in the path. Not everything is easy! That is why it is a development process which takes a person through a variety of so called ups and downs, curves and unexpected twists. If the persistence is real in a person, answers will come. And those answers might be temporary, just help at that particular point in time. Then, something else might be needed further down the road.

It is so absolutely clear to me that everybody is unique. Some seem to not have 'obstacles.' To that I say, "Not yet anyway!"

It all depends on what is the motivating the person and how much they are willing to endure and pursue.

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