Monday, September 12, 2011


Most of us have seen some version of the TV show Star Trek. I started watching it in 1965. Hmmmm... that was awhile ago, but nothing compared to the bigger sense of universal time! Anyway, I was thinking of starting a Teacher's Log with a School Date which of course is an idea coming from the Captain's Log and Star Date from the various Star Trek series.

In this, my aim is to boldly write about what my thoughts are in my teaching experiences without naming names or specific circumstances, but to reflect about what my experiences are, coming from my side, the teacher's side. They will be my thoughts and it is a way to shed light on the subject of teaching. It is a form of journal writing without bringing specific names or places into it. If by some chance someone 'sees' themselves in these writings, well, it might be interesting for them! On the other hand, it is important to note that it might not be 'them.' At the same time, they might see something about themselves in it. I will try to write in general terms even though the writings will certainly be inspired from real everyday situations that arise in my teaching life.

As I told a group of students the other day on the first day of school, I see each one of them as 'an ocean of possibilities.' Those are my true feelings. So from that standpoint and knowing that each student has their own unique journey, I will boldly attempt to write my thoughts down as often as I can about the actual day to day happenings in the Bolter studio.

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Leanne H said...

This sounds very exciting! I look forward to seeing these blogs in the future! :)