Friday, December 10, 2010

A Trio of Seconds

Yesterday I attended a BSO retiree get together which happens about three times a year. It was my first time doing this since I left the orchestra in December of 2007, exactly three years ago.

It was really nice to see everyone who was there. When I joined the BSO in 1975 I was the youngest member at 20 years old. Now at 55 years old, I'm the youngest retiree! Life is funny....

In this picture, there are three former BSO second trombonists. From left to right: William Moyer, Ronald Barron and myself. William 'BIll' Moyer had to play one of the most intense Mozart Requiems. It was for the internationally televised broadcast of the JKF funeral with the Boston Symphony playing. There is an old recording of it and Bill played wonderfully! I think the whole world, especially the US, was in such a state of mourning that it was an actual 'requiem' atmosphere. It was not a concert situation with the usual judgements or newspaper critics. Bill totally rose to the occasion. He was also the BSO personnel manager for many years after serving for 15 years as second trombone. Ron became 2nd trombone in 1970 and I replaced him as 2nd trombone in 1975 after he won the principal position.

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