Thursday, August 26, 2010

Venezuela - El Sistema!

Some first photos from my trip to Venezuela working with El Sistema! It is such a great experience being here! The last photo is of some of the trombonists trying to copy my faces! I'll write more about all the photos and my time here when I'm back next week. Till then I hope you enjoy the photos!


Anonymous said...

Do you think something like El Sistema could work here in the States?

Norman Bolter said...

This is an excellent question. New England Conservatory has built a close relationship, thanks to Mark Churchill, with El Sistema and it's founder Jose Antonio Abreu. NEC has now started a program to train people to teach the El Sistema method. It is called Abreu Fellowship Program. I suggest you check it out and find out more info on El Sistema itself.

There are people who want to see it work in the US and are trying to find the ways to do it. I think the basic idea and spirit of El Sistema would be wonderful in this country but we might have to find our own ways to actually make it happen on such a large scale as they have in Venezuela.