Saturday, July 24, 2010

Technique or Muscle, part 2

More for week 4 of FBSMC 2!

The first week of this year's Frequency Bone Summer Music Connection can be applied throughout all that we are doing in the other weeks. It is that basic formula of C + X =R. If you forgot or did not see it yet, go back to week one's supplement writing.

It is a great formula to work into especially in times when you can't think of what to do or you are in a rut of some kind. You can try a three way formula with range too, such as: air speed + syllable + more/ less mouthpiece pressure. In your low range you might want to try different air speeds and/or temperatures with different syllables and experiment with mouthpiece pressures of various kinds.

Always remember the first basic principle of starting with what you can do and working from there in a gradual way. Be content with little improvements that happen in a steady way. It is natural for there to be periods when not much is happening. Be observant during those periods and you will learn much. Sometimes working on range and other parts of our playing builds the range, endurance and stability of our patience! That is a good thing! :)

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