Friday, February 19, 2010

World Premiere of "Tribute"

The annual Brass Bash at New England Conservatory is Sunday, February 21st, at 8PM in Jordan Hall. Every year since its conception, at least one of my compositions has been played. The range of pieces is usually limited to trombone choir or large brass ensemble and sometimes brass ensemble with percussion, large antiphonal brass choirs or brass ensemble with a soloist.

This year is different. On the program will be the world premiere of my new piece "Tribute" for trumpet choir. The NEC trumpet class will perform this work with Peter Chapman conducting. Peter asked me to write this piece a few months ago. He was already familiar with a piece I wrote in memory of Armando Ghitalla for his memorial service back in June 2002. So Peter wanted me to write two more pieces inspired by great trumpet players. He suggested Roger Louis Voisin and Adolph "Bud" Herseth.

The work now has three movements each dedicated to one of these players.

Mr. Ghitalla's piece written in 2002 is titled "Inspired Remembrance." The other two movements use the names of the other great trumpeters as the titles.

Each movement has threads of orchestral repertoire that reminds me of each player and I think others would associate these pieces with the artists as well. It is always a joy for me to write about the various musicians who have inspired me over the years and these great trumpet-musician icons surely have been inspirational!

Photos: Armando Ghitalla, Roger Voisin and Adolph Herseth

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