Saturday, February 9, 2008

Playing Alone Together (PAT) Instructions

Special Instructions for P.A.T. concert  on February 17th:

1. Do whatever you do to get ready to play your music.
2. Be comfortable and natural.
3. For those that feel comfortable with trying something new, acknowledge, in your own way and style, that there are others, in their own special musical world, supporting your love and privacy in this experimental concert.
4. Connect to your love, joy and gratitude that your life allows you to be able to have your own private musical life.
5. Start playing when you feel you are ready to play.

The concert will begin at 4:00 PM Boston time and end at 4:30 PM. If you feel inclined to play 'encores,' please do! Even if you do continue you to play after 4:30, at 4:30 if you can give a soft applause to yourself and all those who participated in the concert. 

If you feel so inclined, I would love to hear from those who participated by leaving a brief comment on the blog.

All the best to you and I hope you enjoy the 'concert.'


Tina said...

Thanks for the instructions! I'm looking forward to tonights 'concert'!

Ross said...

I really enjoyed this experiment. I felt very different playing in this concert setting instead of just being in a room practicing. Instead of just packing up my horn and leaving, I felt like there were people all around telling me that I had done a good job. maybe what I was feeling was the applause that everyone was offering to each other.

This concert gave me an opportunity to perform some music that I didn't feel ready to play in a traditional concert setting yet. That in itself was a valuable thing.

I'm glad that we could all be in support of each other's private music making today. :-)

Lise said...

Thank you for the PAT concert! I had such a wonderful time being part of it. I don't know how it has been for others, but to me it felt like more became possible somehow when playing. I hope it may happen soon again!

Thanks again, Norman for this inspiring initiative, and to everyone who joined in.

Andrew S. said...

The concert was really helpful to me. I was having a rough day, but getting to play for this special concert really got me feeling better. I realized that the craziness of the world can be stopped in its tracks with MUSIC!! I felt creative and free during this concert. I played a nice ballad that just came to me, it was so simple but yet very cool and fun. Norman, thank you for this special event, I hope that this kind of experience can be shared with more and more individuals!