Monday, November 5, 2007

Singing in the Car

In the name of fun and freedom and spontaneous expression, the following little tune happened in the car. I was stopped in a lot of traffic and went to call Carol on my cell phone. I pressed some side button and, on the screen, this microphone appeared! And it said, "Press OK to Start Recording"! So, I pressed it and started singing into this mic and it went on for quite a while! Then the tune naturally ended. So, I stopped recording and on the screen it said, "Press Send." So, I sent it--to Carol!

If you can't be free to express yourself while you're alone, where can you express it? Now, I didn't really think that this would go public. :-) This is the raw, uncut version! But I do this kind of thing sometimes in my studio, in the shower, outside (in seclusion!) or in the car--and this one is caught on tape!

The value of this is the freedom of not being caught up in how "good" it sounds, like how's the rhythm, pitch or clarity. You just let it happen.

So, here's to your uninhibited, free time expression periods! Enjoy them!

MP3: Singing in the car

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