Saturday, August 25, 2007

Preview, Review and Video Too

Some of you have seen, in an earlier post, the video clip of me and my nephew, John Peter. Here is another one. We were spending some extra time together after a lesson.

What catches me right now is how important it is to review and spend time with something. There is a ton of stuff in these short video clips that I am discovering every time I review them.

Here are some obvious topics that one can easily see in this new video:

- Articulation (e.g., triple tongue, legato tongue)
- Relationship between air and articulation
- Posture (its importance)
- Breathing (more about this at another time)
- Hard work (its value)
- Love of the subject

Here are some maybe not so obvious ones:

- Working with what you've got
- Transference (passing on the knack of it)
- The joy in being able
- Passion for expression
- Relationship between desire and retention
- Freedom to discover

You also can find and confirm the value of review, if you'd like, by seeing what else you can discover in this short video. People often say that they get so much more from a movie or book when they see it or read it a second or a third time. Life these days gets very busy and we don't always have the time to spend the time we would like on the very things that we enjoy. That's when it can be useful to review our priorities.

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