Friday, February 19, 2021

The Monthly Masterclass Series #2, Bolter Embouchure Anatomy

Hello embouchure enthusiasts!

The second masterclass in The Monthly Masterclass Series, Bolter Embouchure Anatomy, will be held on Zoom Saturday, February 27th from 11am-12:30 EST.  The suggested donation is $10 for students and 15-$20 for all others working and out of school. If there is a real hardship with this price for some of you, please get in touch with me soon.  Those who are interested in attending, whom I don’t know yet and have never participated in any of my offerings, please send me an email as soon as you are able.  Please send your donations to Please feel free to pass this post along to all those that might be interested .If you are sending this post to others whom I might not have emails for, please have them send me an email so they can get a Zoom link and get on the email list.  
Please have your donation in by Friday, February 26th by the end of the evening. If you are late, please send in your donation as soon as possible on Saturday morning and email me or text me 617-759-1620, so you can get the link. Only those that have sent in a donation will get the Zoom link.

I’m looking forward to working with many of you on February 22nd. This view of embouchure anatomy and function has the possibility to open up some new ways of thinking and feeling about this amazing structure vital to all brass players. 

 Onward with new discoveries! 

P.S. You are invited to bring your instruments. :-) 

Let's Warm-Up!

 Hello Everyone!

Hope all is well! This is to inform you that the next Let’s Warm-Up! will be this coming Monday, 2/22, at 11am EST for one hour. The suggested donation is a $3.50 minimum. Please send your donations to To make sure you can get a Zoom link to the session, please send your donations in by 2/21 . If you are late coming, text or email me by 10:30am EST on 2/21 to let me know. I will do my best to see it and send you the Zoom link.
 IF YOU HAVE PAID AND HAVE NOT RECEIVED A ZOOM LINK BY AT LEAST 10:30AM EST, PLEASE TEXT 617-759-1620 OR EMAIL ME to ensure you can get a link. Also, make a note on paypal what your donation is for which will help us keep better track of who is coming to what offering. If you are sending this to email to others whom I might not have emails for, please have them send me an email so they can get a Zoom link and get on the email list.

Hope to see some of you this Monday February 22nd!

Mr. Bolter

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Let's Warm-Up! 8, Presidents Day Special!

 Hello Everyone!

Since it is Presidents Day weekend and a lot of us are on break and maybe would like to try a Let’s Warm-Up!, this Monday February 15th, from11-12pm EST is free! Here is the Zoom link for all those who would like to attend. Please feel free to send the link to whomever you would like.

Looking forward to seeing you Monday!

To your well being!

Norman Bolter is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Let's Warm-Up! 8, President's Day Special
Time: Feb 15, 2021 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

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Meeting ID: 851 9880 0886
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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Let's Warm-Up!

 This new series Let's Warm-Up!, started almost two months ago and we have been having a great time! I plan on it being once a week but sometimes it could be less or more. :-) The donation for this is a minimum of $3.50 US for each warm-up session. Please send your donation to The sessions are one hour in length. Those who want to donate more are of course welcome. Lots of people told me they like group warm-ups so here is one all can try. (They will not all be the same!). Anyone under 18 yrs. needs to make sure they have parental consent because of the use of paypal. If an interest develops, I will have a younger player version of Let’s Warm-Up! These regular sessions in general might not be as useful for middle school or young high school players but, there are always exceptions. NEXT Let's Warm-Up! is Monday 2/8, 11-12pm EST. 

Hope to see you there!

Monday, January 18, 2021

New Monthly Masterclass Series!

 Hello All!

I am starting my new Monthly Masterclass series this coming Saturday 1/23, at 11am EST. The title is The Mechanics of Warming-Up. Please send in your donations a day in advance (1/22), so you can get a Zoom link. Send your donations to If you are late, please text me no later than a half hour before the class at six-one-seven, seven-five-nine, one-six-two-zero. or email me at normtobe at gmail dot com. The donations are $10 for students and 15-$20 for non students, professionals and teachers. Please feel free to email me and ask to be put on the email list for updates about all the masterclasses and other offerings.

Monthly Masterclass Series topics snd more information!
This series of masterclasses will be given monthly. The donation for these classes will be $10 for all students and $15-20 for everyone else. The classes will meet once a month, exact dates to be determined but they generally will be near the end of the month usually on Saturday mornings.The first one is being planned for Saturday January 23rd from 11-12:30pm EST. These masterclasses will cover a wide range of territories. Here is a partial list:

-The Mechanics of Warming -Up 1/23/21,11-12:30pm EST on Zoom
- Bolter Embouchure Anatomy 
- Methods of Creative Practice
-The A.R.T. of Teaching
-The A.R.T. of the Student
- The Personal Art
- Building Your Relationship with Music
- Blinded by Sound
- To Thyself Be True
- High Range Development
- 3 Dimensional Sound
- The Trinity of Rhythm, Pitch and Timber
- Finding the Right Vibrato for You 
- Art-iculation 
- Airmbouchure
- The Many Ways of Breathing 
- It’s Not All in the Air-or is it?
- The Book of Can Do
- Concepts and Mechanics
- Recovering from a Playing Injury
- Approaching an Embouchure Change; Teachers Take Note
-  Teacher’s Guide to Unlocking a Student’s Potential
- What Does it Mean to be a Natural Player?
- Odd and Curious Techniques for Brass Players
- A Beginning Look into the Overlay System
- Section Playing, an energy worlds perspective
New Routes for Old Ruts
- Music as a Living Thing
- Excerptitis, Excerptmania, Excerptphobia; how to deal with them
- The Wonderful World of Vowels
-What Does It Mean To Be Musical?
- The Personal Science
- and more....

Quite an extensive list that will go on for more than two years! Of course if there are those of you that see ones you would like me to do, or would like a masterclass on a topic you do not see on this list, please let me know. Teachers might also want to have certain ones done (or suggest other ones), at their schools for their students. I am certainly open and happy to this! The price would have to be negotiated. 

I hope these prices are doable for most people. From what I have seen around the place, I feel they are reasonable especially considering their depth of content, live interaction and approach that they come with. If someone is truly in need, please get in touch with me. 

Hope to see you at some of these soon!

Sunday, August 30, 2020

FBSMC 12 Music and the Natural Worlds: Conscious Choice of our own Development

 Some of the importances of Music and the Natural Worlds is to connect with something that in itself is connected to what is real and what that will bring into you. We were designed to process that which is real and nourishing to us. 

When we connect to color for example, we are connecting to one of the primary essences of the naturally created worlds. It is a vital component that covers and extends through all the overlays in the natural worlds (The Creation).

We can’t live without color. Color is vibratory force and the different colors contain various frequencies (vibrations), that have direct affects on certain parts of ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically and more. They can also be a direct link to the foundations of manifested life itself. Pretty big stuff uh?!

It’s one thing to say “connect to something when you play.” But a more complete thought is the fact that we are always connected to something when doing any action. The journey into the natural worlds is to help us see that a lot of how we go on was passed down to us through genetics, upbringing, world history, where we live, and the environment affecting our overlay system at deep levels throughout our entirety. This of course subliminally affects our behavior, thought process, ethics, beliefs and more. Part of  building a relationship with music and the natural worlds is to help us have more informed decision making and being much more cognizant of the how and why we do what we do. Where do the default thought processes and concepts, words and methods originate from that govern us in warming- up (as an example)? Did we look into it and wonder about it and find our own way within it or just practice what we were given whether it works for us or not? NOT THE TEACHERS fault really. It's important to go through something for a bit and see where it leads. But It shows us we have to be responsible for our own lives and process. Many teachers pass on what works for them and that is honorable because they went on a journey and found what works for them and it is real for them. In many circumstances teachers expect or hope that the student will in the end see they have to find out what works for them. They need to own the responsibility for their own development. How could it be otherwise??

Sunday, July 12, 2020

FBSMC 12, Music and the Natural Worlds, Living Theater of Nature

Yesterday was an amazing time at ‘our’ creek. Quiet yet energetically so alive with the landscape constantly changing. The creek is under huge white pines, oaks, some maples and a lot of hemlock trees. The sun was shining but there were wonderful huge piilowy clouds that you could see a bit of under the canopy of branches and leaves from the trees. 

This created spots of light on the land that were rising gradually above the creek. The spots of light would flicker like giant fireflies and change in rhythm with the duet of wind and trees. Then, periodically a large wide and round shadow would come over the ground, akin to a long tone passing through the texture of swirling lines from woodwinds and strings in a grand symphonic composition. This certainly was a sound and light cinematic delight, full of wonder and elevation in the living theater of Nature. We felt humbled to be part of it.

There is no doubt that aspects of this will be woven into the upcoming composition dedicated to my former teacher Ron Ricketts, who is now flying in another sphere of space in the continuing life of soul and spirit.