Friday, July 16, 2010

Supplement Video
for Week 3 of FBSMC 2

The Value of Repetition

The value of repetition and the natural process of what it is is inherent in life at all levels. There is an upside and a downside to this as it pertains to our habit life and our development life. What we practice on a repetitive basis forms the foundation of our skills, attitudes and musical connections.

Sometimes we have to put on the brakes and ask ourselves a very important question, "What in the world am I doing?" Being able to stop allows us time to reflect and observe our routines. It also can give us the opportunity to make a course correction if needed and to regroup ourselves and start anew. This is a very important process. To get off the wheel of unconscious habit that put us into unwanted 'repeat performances,'

It is how we use this natural repetition that can move us forward or keep us held back, as if stuck in mud or snow. It is finding the right actions for the circumstance, and this comes with your continued passion, interest and drive towards what we say we want. Even our wills get tested over and over again and just like the muscles that get stronger from lifting weights, for example, our wills get stronger from the many ups and downs we encounter.

It should be clear that repetition in this context cannot be escaped from. It is a matter of continually finding new ways and sticking to the things that work from which we can build the ladder of our accomplishment or next level of attainment.

Practice (repeated actions done regularly) can keep us ever renewed or continually trapped in old unwanted ways. There are academic rules, and there are natural laws. Which one should govern the other one, in your mind?

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