Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Frequency Band!

On November 17th 1993, the Frequency Band® was born and made its appearance known to a group of trombone players from 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM that evening in the chorus room at Symphony Hall, Boston.

What a night it was! The atmospheres and the deep affect on the people were nothing less than profound. That night might seem like a distant dream to some, but for Carol and me, it was confirmation of the extraordinary possibilities of the human connection expressing itself through art, in this case the art of music.

It was total proof, to us, that the most important "A's" to tune to are Attitude, Awe and Appreciation. This was true intonation. A unity that was bound by the essence of the music, through our shared connection, based in openness, sincere intention, trust and respect. It bathed us all in its various frequencies; we were 'in it' and 'it' was 'in' us.

The beauty of this great gift is that it still happens in the Frequency Band! And, of course, it can happen elsewhere too--and we hope it does, often! But, in the Frequency Band, we deliberately explore ideas and techniques to more reliably and consciously encourage this kind of connection.

The Frequency Band, on one level of looking at it, is a vehicle designed for traveling into the deep regions of Art, especially those that resonate with such things as human qualities, intentions and contemplations; aspects of nature; compelling features of ancient and more recent cultures; and so on. Then, from inside a connection to these domains, play (transmit) from the mental alignment that what is transmitted is not just the musical notes, no matter how well executed, but a sense of the domain itself. Almost like a spacecraft taking pictures of stars and galaxies and transmitting the pictures back to earth. Whether one thinks this is real or imagination, to set aside ones limiting thoughts about it and openly come inside the storyline is to partake in the difference such connection can make, for art.... and humans.

Because the Frequency Band is not solely about exploring the potential of mental tuning and connection within art, in and of itself. The Frequency Band is about humanity, first and foremost. The core of the Frequency Band is based in the idea of a "unity born of humanity." That is at the basis of everything we do--to try to find the unifying part in us all, regardless of all of our various differences. This, at times, can feel like a long journey into space! But, actually, it is so close (so VERY close) that we can often miss it. But it is there, in all of us, and the greatest treasure for us is connecting to and transmitting this most special essence into the world, to boldly and humbly go where some others too have gone before and where we all can feel and recognize the most basic, unifying tone of all.

With deepest gratitude to our teachers, mentors and the many Frequency Band participants throughout the years.



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

And thank you Norman and Carol for the gift of such a sanctuary.

Tina said...

Congratulations with the birthday! It is so special that The Frequency Band is in the world. Thank you, Norman and Carol, for making it possible!

Anonymous said...

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